17-year-old used marijuana to lure man to MS-13 execution, police say


HOUSTON – A 17-year-old girl is accused of luring a man to his death by offering him marijuana as a birthday present, according to court documents.

The suspect, Karla Jackelin Morales -- also known as "Karlita," is accused of luring Jose Alfonso Villanueva to an open field where he was shot several times and struck with a machete, court documents say.

Records show that the investigation began when officials were called to a report of a deceased person who was in an advanced stage of decomposition. Underneath the body, later identified through fingerprint records as Villanueva, was a spent .45 shell casing. 

Investigators spoke with Villanueva's cousin, who reported him missing. She said he was involved in a verbal fight after a rap battle with several unknown men who threatened to kill him, according to documents. She also told investigators that the victim had a roommate, with whom police went to speak.

The roommate told investigators that on the night of July 29, the victim received social media messages from Karlita who wanted to meet with Villanueva to give him a birthday present, records show. The roommate told investigators he thought the messages were odd as Villanueva and Karlita were not close friends. 


Witnesses told investigators that Villanueva was seen getting into a vehicle with a woman and at least two other men, according to court documents. 

When investigators initially met with Karlita, she was untruthful, records show. But when asked a second time about the incident, she told investigators that she would tell them what she knew. 

Karlita said Villanueva was openly talking negatively about the MS-13 gang at a bar and was heard by multiple people, according to court documents. Later in the week, her boyfriend, who is an MS-13 gang member, reportedly overheard Villanueva publicly insult Karlita, according to documents. 

On Sunday, July 29, Karlita reached out to Villanueva regarding the "birthday present," documents show. She said she was told to lie to him in order to lure him out of his apartment and that she knew the gang members intended to kill him, according to court records. 

Documents show when Karlita and the others arrived at the empty lot, other men were there waiting for them. She told some of the men there that she didn't want to go through with the setup anymore, but they said it was too late.

Records show that Karlita saw gang members shoot Villanueva multiple times and strike him with a machete. The details that Karlita provided matched physical evidence at the scene, during the autopsy, and witness statements, according to court documents. 

She has been charged with murder and is being held on a $100,000 bond.

VIDEO: Karla Jackelin Morales appears in PC Court Sept. 19, 2018