Texas Task Force One heads to East Coast to assist with storm's impact

HOUSTON – Texas Task Force One packed up and left for the East Coast on Tuesday morning.

The unit sent 16 people as well as gear to help in North Carolina.

Departing from College Station, the task force took everything it needs to be logistically self-sufficient for the first 72 hours of its operations. It is one of 28 federal teams under the Urban Search and Rescue System of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

As the Red Cross in Houston moved supplies in preparation for any disaster response in our area, it also sent help to the East Coast. Six workers are already in our area. More help could be on the way soon.

Pedro Ramirez said he could soon leave for West Virginia to work in a large shelter.

"Gets people out of danger, and fast, as fast as possible. It helps people recover in the long run, gives them hope in the long run. When your house gets into water, we've all seen it here in Houston, in the overall. We'll be there to help," Ramirez said.

The all-volunteer Cajun Navy arrived along the coast on Saturday night. The group rescued hundreds of people in the Houston area during Harvey. Its members said they are ready to do the same in the Carolinas.

“It's about four hours back inland. Of course, we're still going to catch a lot of it. But we're staged to where we can go two to three hours in any direction and be in ground zero," Clyde Cain, of the Cajun Navy, said of the command post.

Centerpoint Energy told KPRC 2 that it is ready to help along the East Coast as well as to help with any utility repairs needed in South Texas.