Woman caught on camera frantically knocking on residents' doors in Lake Conroe neighborhood

LAKE CONROE, Texas – Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public to help identify a woman seen on video frantically knocking on homes at the Sunrise Ranch subdivision in Lake Conroe. 

“We were dead asleep in our beds. My husband was woken up by doorbell ring. It rang probably 20 to 30 times,” said one resident, who didn't want to be identified. 

When her husband answered the door, no one was there. 

“He walked outside no one was in sight. It’s like she disappeared in thin air,” the resident said.

The resident said the unsettling door knock at 3 a.m. Friday at her Sunrise Ranch home sent her searching for answers on her neighborhood's Facebook page.

VIDEO: Woman caught on camera ringing doorbells

“Sure enough, there is a picture posted from a neighbor across the street,” the resident said.

On the neighborhood Facebook page, a video captured by a doorbell camera was posted showing a woman frantically knocking at another home.

“It was kind of scary because this girl looked like she was just in a shirt. She looked like she had wrist restraints on her wrist and she was barefoot. You can see her with a worry on her face looking around,” the resident said.

Residents contacted the Sheriff's Office and now it is looking into why this woman was urgently knocking on several doors Friday morning. Residents said the woman has come by at least five homes in the subdivision.

The Sheriff's Office isn't currently able to identify the woman. Lt. Scott Spencer, with the Sheriff’s Office is asking residents to be cautious.

Spencer said the woman could be a potential victim or part of a scheme. 

What should homeowners do in a situation such as this?

“Answer the door but call from the other side of the door don't actually open the door. Unfortunately, times have changed from yesterday so you have to be very careful we have had a lot of home invasions,” Spencer said. 

He said if someone at the door is asking for help, offer to call 911. 

Anyone with information should contact the Sheriff’s Office.