Kitchen that feeds homeless scrambling after power outage spoils food

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HOUSTON – A lot of people depend on Loaves and Fishes.

It’s one of the few soup kitchens in Houston that provides hot meals for homeless people, but a power outage Sunday night destroyed a lot of the food they were depending on to feed people for the next few weeks.

Normally, the people who run the kitchen would be preparing for the next day’s meal, but instead, they’re trying to figure out where that food will come from.

Overnight, water dripping into a fuse box knocked out power to the freezers, spoiling about a month's worth of food.

The soup kitchen feeds about 350 homeless people daily. It serves meals six days a week and twice a day on weekends. Those who are in need will be lining up as usual for lunch on Tuesday, so the staff is hustling to clean up the spoiled stuff and replace it with fresh food, all of it donated.

“We’re calling a couple of restaurants. Calling some people we know to see if they can step up. We have 15 homeless shelters as well we have food service for that we may be able to pick from the freezers over there,” Ann Justus, the director of development for Loaves and Fishes, said.

Loaves and Fishes is operated by Magnificat Homes, the religious-based homeless relief organization that operates 16 shelters around the city.

The electricity is back on, but the refrigerators are still empty.

The kitchen is especially in need of meat and produce. It also welcomes individual donations.

If you would like to donate, call 713-529-4231 or go to the website here.