Houston gym tests new muscle-mapping technology


HOUSTON – For the first time in Texas, the DARI Motion Capture System was tested at Nine Innovations gym in Houston.

Several athletes tried out the advanced muscle-mapping technology, which helps spot imbalances in the body using eight cameras capturing 360-degree footage. The footage, which shows injury vulnerability, is then sent to a server, where an algorithm creates a detailed report.

The report suggests types of treatment.

“What we’re looking for is imbalances in the body that put too much pressure on certain joints that will lead to wear and tear or other athletic injuries.” said Dr. Eric Ramirez, who was administering the system at Nine Innovations.

Former University of Houston track star Elijah Hall is now pursuing a professional career and finds the DARI Motion Capture System to be a great tool in his training.

“Previously, I dealt with a couple (of) hamstring injuries and this machine can look at my hamstrings and look at the direct problem and we can dissect those things. We can do great things for me on the track and it can help me out a lot,” Hall said.