Son of ex-NFL player in court, attorney says officials withheld evidence

HOUSTON – The defense attorney for Antonio Armstrong Jr. told the judge Thursday he believes the district attorney's office and the Houston Police Department have withheld evidence in the case -- evidence he believes could prove someone else pulled the trigger and ultimately prove his client innocent.

Antonio Armstrong, Jr. sat in the courtroom with his grandparents during the hearing. He's charged with shooting and killing his parents, Antonio Armstrong Sr. and Dawn Armstrong, in 2016.

Antonio Armstrong Jr. claims he saw a masked intruder in the house the night of the shooting.

In court Thursday, his attorney, Rick DeToto, submitted a taped interview with a woman named Maxine Adams who allegedly told Houston police in December 2016 that Antonio Armstrong Jr.'s father was involved in a prostitution ring and receiving death threats.

He also said it revealed the elder Antonio requested to change his life insurance days before the murder.

DeToto said the DA only sent him the recording in early July and now Adams is no where to be found. He added the police officer working with Adams didn't take any notes or make a report.

DeToto also requested the DA and Houston police hand over all text messages and emails related to the case.

The attorney believes the case shouldn't make it to trial.

The judge said she would ensure the DA's office and Houston police handed over emails and text messages related to the case.

The lead prosecutor for this hearing said he'll work with his IT department to make sure it happens.

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