DPS has plan to handle long lines for driver's license

AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Department of Public safety is tackling those long lines at the most overcrowded driver's license offices across the state.

Starting Thursday, additional employees, including Texas troopers, will be assigned to the highest-volume offices statewide, according to the DPS.

Their duties will be to identify customers stuck in line who may be able to handle their transactions online, over the phone or through the mail. They will pass out information to help those who aren't sure if they are eligible to take advantage of other options.  

The DPS said that in the 2017 fiscal year, about 3.6 million people didn't need to physically wait in line.

A limited transaction initiative to shorten lines was introduced last month at seven high-volume driver's license offices where customers have been forced to wait outside for hours in the elements. This included the Dacoma driver's license office.

Later this month, the initiative will be expanded to other offices that experience overcrowding. Over the next few months, the DPS plans to hire 100 employees at the most crowded offices.

The DPS offers suggestions to prevent being trapped in extremely long lines: 

  • Use Driver License Mega Centers if possible in larger cities.
  • Use the Get in Line, Online  feature.
  • Always make sure you have the proper documents before you arrive.

Several high-volume driver's license offices in our area includ: 

  • Houston South East
  • Dacoma
  •  Rosenburg
  • Humble
  • Cleveland
  • Conroe
  • Huntsville