Veteran in flag underwear runs across field at Minute Maid Park during Astros game

HOUSTON – Chris White wouldn't describe himself as a serial streaker but he has been known to take off his clothes to show love for his country.

That's exactly what he did at last Friday's Astros game. Those in attendance may have witnessed White jumping from the stands at Minute Maid Park and making his way across the outfield.

"I was just hopeful that I was going to get at least enough of a runway to where I wouldn't get tackled immediately," White said while recalling the night. "Give me a chance to get to the outfield essentially. And sure enough, I did it."

Even though White shared the moment on Facebook Live, his decision was fairly spur of the moment. He said he didn't decide to make the move until the sixth inning -- then waited until the final strike was called.

And there was a purpose.

The mugshot of Christopher White, who was charged with trespassing after running on the field at an Astros game at Minute Maid Park on July 27, 2018.

White -- a Marine Corps veteran -- is the founder of an organization created to "use humor as a platform to display patriotism."

He said he ran onto the field Friday to bring awareness to the deadly serious issue of veteran suicide.

"If I can make you laugh for at least five minutes then you're not thinking about that dark space you could potentially be in," he said. "If I can gear it toward patriotism, to me, I consider that the holy grail."

White's dash in his old glories ended with him face down on the field but if he can continue to get out the message, he feels the short journey was worth the pain.

"There are organizations out there that support the prevention of veteran suicides and if you are a veteran that's struggling, there is hope," White said. "I can assure you that."

A GoFundMe was set up to raise bail money after White jokingly made the suggestion on social media. It generated more than $500, but White donated all the proceeds to a veterans organization.

He provided Channel 2 with a receipt as proof of payment.


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