Dozens of vehicles vandalized in Cypress neighborhood

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – More than just neighbors who live in the same area, they're also now all victims of likely the same vandals.

The vandalism has residents near the intersection of Ravensway Drive and Scouts Lane baffled.

"Heartbreaking, just that some have nothing else to do with their time," said Dena Tillmon, whose three children's cars were vandalized. "Very frustrating. Very aggravating that you can't have anything anymore without somebody trying to damage it."

WATCH: Vandals throwing rocks in Cypress neighborhood

Each of the families woke up Friday morning to the unexpected sight of significant damage done to their cars, including everything from busted-out windshields to shattered sunroofs.

Each of the victims also found large landscaping-type rocks that they say were most likely used to cause the costly mess.

"Come walking out and I see a rock on the ground and I was like oh man," said Mason Young, who also had his car vandalized. "The neighbors down the street, all of them just down the road both ways hit with rocks all the way through."

A handful of neighbors also said they spotted a white or silver truck around the time the crimes were carried out in the early morning hours Friday or shortly after it happened.

"It's really dumb to go around and messing with people's cars that you have no reason to mess with," Craig Caten said. "I've never had my car damaged. It was a big thing to take in. I was like oh man, I don't even know what to do."

Besides keeping a close eye out, the neighbors are also waiting for police to catch the people responsible and give them what's coming to them.

"I hope that the cops figure out who it was and make them pay for the damages," Caten said.

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