Barrel racing horses take break from heat for photo op inside home

Melisa Hill, Tator Tot (L) and Biffers (R) took a quick trip inside her Riverside home for a photo opportunity and treats. (Melisa Hill/KPRC2)

RIVERSIDE, Texas – A Riverside woman recently invited her horses inside her home for treats and some photos.

Melisa Hill works for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a bloodhound handler and trainer, but she also races horses.

Tator Tot, 16, and Biffers, 23, got to escape the heat for about five minutes to take a photo with Hill and to see where their owner spends time when she's not exercising the horses.

Hill said this was the only time the barrel racing horses were allowed to come inside and they got a lot of horse cookies during their time there.

Hill said she also owns a health and wellness business.

She said the horses have a large pasture and a barn with stalls.