More help given to Angleton couple in need

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ANGLETON, Texas – At church, on their knees, Janiece and Richard Sullivan have been praying for a miracle, because faith is just about all they have left.

“It’s hard to ask for help, but when you got to have help you’ve got to have help,” Richard said, with his voice shaking and tears in his eyes.

Janiece sums up the dark financial hole that this couple has fallen into.

“We’ve been eating pancake mix for the last six days, that’s how desperate we are, because we don’t have nothing in the house to eat. We don’t have the money to buy anything,” Janiece said.

When KPRC first met the Sullivans we were working to get their 16-year-old, wreck of a car repaired and made drivable again.

They had no food in the house and had stopped taking the numerous prescription drugs they need because they couldn't afford to buy more.

That’s when our generous Channel 2 viewers stepped up in a big way.

“It just broke my heart when I saw their empty refrigerator and pantry”, says Carrie Marquis, who called $200 to the struggling couple.

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