Baytown PD warns residents of fake city workers attempting to gain access to homes

BAYTOWN, Texas – It's public service announcement by Baytown police with a very important message.

Police issued a reminder for people to always be mindful of people potentially posing as someone else like a city worker or legitimate business trying to gain access to your home.

The department's post to Facebook, caught the attention of a Baytown resident who said just earlier this week, a group of three suspicious people were looking in her garage.

"I was really shocked. I've never had anything like that happen to me especially because we have three dogs," the worried resident who didn't want to be identified said.

The homeowner said she was caught off-guard at how young two of the guys looked.

But what really alarmed her was when she stepped out to see what they were up to, they immediately took off.

"As I walked out and they seen me, one told the other two and that's when they walked away and that's what I figured out that they didn't work for the city or anybody," she said.

"We save up enough money to buy something we want. You know, there's people out here potentially coming to steal it and really makes me angry," Ruth Johnston, another worried neighbor in the area, said.

Other neighbors in the area are now also keeping a close eye out.

"To know people are out there doing that instead of working ... I was raised if you want something you work for it, you don't steal from people, you don't rob people," Johnston said.

Baytown police also stressed to residents that city employees will never ask to come inside and if they are legitimate, they'll have a vest with an official city logo and ID. They will also likely be driving a city vehicle.

Police said if you suspect someone suspicious in your neighborhood call to report it.

"Even if it's nothing, I'd rather you report it rather than take that chance on it being something," Johnston said.

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