67 car windows smashed outside Hobby Airport, police say

HOUSTON – Two teens are in jail after they are accused of shattering the windows of cars in two different parking garages near Hobby Airport Monday morning. 

Authorities say two 17-year-olds, Amier Bashir and Demond Pierre, broke into cars at Key Airport Parking and Secure Park, both located across the street from Hobby Airport's entrance. Southeast Houston police officers arrived at Secure Park after a victim heard people breaking windows on the second level of Secure Park around 1 a.m.

PHOTOS: Car windows smashed outside Hobby Airport, police say

Another victim who works for an airline, and did not want to be named, came back from work later in the week only to find her driver door's window in pieces on the ground.

"I always park my car there and check and make sure all my windows are up. When I saw my window was not there, I already knew what happened," the victim said.

She wasn't alone in finding a window gone. 

"There are more than 10 cars that (their) windows got broken into," the victim said.

A total of 67 cars were reported to have had windows shattered, according to police. Police said 47 cars were  reported broken into at Secure Park and 20 cars at Key Airport Parking, according to police. Key Airport Parking, Wednesday afternoon, said they had 39 total vehicles damaged.

Even just one window broken by thieves can cost a driver up to $700, according to Samrit Patel, a local collision specialist at Collision Plus in southwest Houston. 

Patel advises drivers can always try to avoid big damages to their windows.

"I would suggest getting a window tint number one," said Patel. "It keeps the glass intact. It makes it more difficult for them to get into the car. Or (you can) put an alarm system on the car windows."

Police stress that car break-ins are the number one most-preventable crimes for drivers, and advise to always be on the lookout for suspicious activity in parking lots.