Snapchat video shows apparent random shooting in Galena Park

HOUSTON – In a Snapchat video that’s gone viral on a different social media platform, it appears multiple rounds of gunfire were shot out of a moving vehicle in Galena Park.

The Galena Park Police Department has confirmed to KPRC that it is aware of the video.

According to the Snapchat clip, the video might have been recorded four weeks ago. The video appeared on Facebook on Friday and was quickly shared by hundreds. In the video, you can hear several rounds of gunfire before you see a passenger in the back seat, who is holding a gun, reload. Then, you hear more rounds being fired. In the distance, you can see lights from what appears to be homes.

“That’s over there on the 10th Street (they're) shooting up,” said Jennifer Thomas, who has lived in Galena Park all her life.

Thomas said the video was definitely recorded in Galena Park. She said she even recognizes the man seen in the Snapchat video. KPRC blurred his face since he has not been charged with a crime.

Priscilla Carrillo said the reckless behavior seen in the video is what worries her as the mother of multiple boys.

“Gunshots could go into anybody’s house. It could be any kid,” she said.

It was nearly Lily Garcia’s 3-year-old daughter on Wednesday night outside her Woodforest home.

“They were firing at houses with cars parked in front of the houses and that’s exactly where my daughter was. My daughter was in my driveway,” said Garcia.

Random bullets pierced a neighbor’s car and another neighbor’s front window, but missed Garcia’s husband and daughter. Both were outside when the family heard what sounded like fireworks.

The Snapchat video hit home Friday for Garcia, who knows flying bullets can travel anywhere.

“If it feels fun, it might be fun for them but there might be people standing on the other side,” she said.