Restaurant Report Card: Live cockroaches found hiding in cracks in restaurant's wall

HOUSTON – KPRC's Bill Spencer makes his weekly rounds to restaurants in town to make sure they are keeping up to the health standards in Houston.

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PHOTOS: Restaurant Report Card for June 28, 2018

Here are the restaurant reports:

Don Luis Mexican Restaurant

7606 Irvington

Violation: Inspectors found 4 live cockroaches hiding inside cracks in the wall.  The manager telling health inspectors that he had never actually brought in professional pest control.

File: Don Luis Mexican Restaurant_20180628180101

Taqueria Abasolo

1109 Hogan

Violation: Inspectors found baby, German cockroaches under the steam table, under the 3 compartment kitchen sink and under the bar.

File: Taqueria Abasolo_20180628180101

La Gran Sorpresa International

9544 Richmond

Violation: Inspectors discovered rodent waste.  “A fair amount of rodent droppings in the back storage area”.  

File: La Gran Sorpresa International_20180628180101

District 7 

1001 Louisiana

Violation: Inspectors discovered accumulations of slime inside the ice machine.  The restaurant ordered to clean that machine.

File: District 7 _20180628180101