18-wheeler travels off SH-249, crashes into 11 vehicles, leaving 5 people injured

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – An 18-wheeler traveled off State Highway 249 southbound at Spring-Cypress Saturday, went through an embankment and crashed into 11 vehicles on the feeder road, Harris County deputies said.

The crash was reported around 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

Omar Hamideh, an employee who works at the IHOP restaurant facing the feeder road recalls hearing a loud crash. 

“I was in the kitchen and heard a loud boom. And pretty much saw the entire staff evacuate the front of the restaurant to see the wreck,” Hamideh said. 

Hamideh said the 18-wheeler took out a pole from a neighboring restaurant and traveled about 300 feet before coming to a stop. The IHOP worker believes a blue awning from his restaurant helped to stop the truck. 

“I think our sign that he ran over actually helped bring him to a stop because the 18-wheeler stopped right in front of our cars. 

The cars of at least five customers were hit, according to Hamideh. 

Life Flight was called to the scene and transported the driver of the 18-wheeler and driver of a black car involved in the crash.  One is said to be in stable condition and the other in critical condition, according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez in Twitter.

Deputies said three people were taken to a local hospital with cuts, bruises and contusions. 

Deputies said the propane tank of the 18-wheeler was still intact.

Investigators are working to determine why the 18-wheeler came off the highway.

The feeder road was closed for several hours as crews worked to clear the scene. 

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