Home alarm scares off burglars shortly after South Houston break-in

SOUTH HOUSTON, Texas – The old saying is: "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

WATCH: Alarm scares off burglars in South Houston

Apparently, it also applies to home break-ins, after four men struggled to break in through a home's front door early Wednesday morning near Allen Genoa Road and Fairmont Parkway in South Houston.

What the men probably didn't realize was that two cameras were recording their every move after they finally got inside.

"Whenever I saw that, I'm all, like, I didn't believe it myself. I was, like, no. Next thing you know, it's happening," Eduardo Gonzalez, the homeowner who was burglarized, said.

Gonzalez was at the hospital with a relative early Wednesday morning when he got an alert on his phone from his home cameras.

"I opened it and saw four guys passing by my house. So I logged off the app and called the cops," said Gonzalez.

As it turned out, the group wasn't in the home for long.

Less than 30 seconds after getting in, an alarm went off and they ran out as fast as they could.

"You just feel like everything you work hard for and then for them to just take it like that on a whim -- it's disheartening," said Gonzalez.

In this case, they got away with two sets of car keys and did some pretty bad damage to the front door.

While those things will be costly to repair and replace, Gonzalez is thankful that's all they got away with.

He admits that, if they keep this act up and target other homes, it probably won't last for much longer.

"Hey man, you're going to get caught. I mean, you're lucky that there was nobody home at the time whenever this happened because you never know," said Gonzalez.

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