Man seen on surveillance video pointing shotgun at people in Montrose

HOUSTON – Houston police arrested a man with a shotgun over the weekend in Montrose after they said he threatened residents and refused to drop his weapon.

WATCH: Guy with shotgun walking around Montrose

Christopher Cheshareck, 51, was seen walking east on Fairview Street holding a shotgun, repeatedly pumping it and pointing the gun at others, residents said.

“Me and my buddy, we were sitting here drinking,” Mark Davenport said at George’s bar. “He cocked it, and then he aimed it at us.”

“I was thinking I was dead,” said Davenport’s friend, Russ Macaluso. “I mean, I’m not trying to sound dramatic, but I mean he was right there.”

According to a description of the arrest in probable cause court, at the same time dispatch received 911 calls, officers already in the area were flagged down by residents and noticed a man fitting the description of the gunman.

After they told him to drop the weapon, officers heard him pump his shotgun and then reappear and turn to face the officers with his gun in hand, officials said in court.

Officers retreated to take cover, and shouted commands.

Eventually, officers arrested Cheshareck, booking him on a felony possession of a firearm charge.

“And the police were just, like, on him like gravy on rice,” Macaluso said.

According to court documents, Cheshareck has been arrested many times before on theft, burglary, grand theft auto, forgery and other charges. He also has an outstanding warrant in Kansas.

No shots were fired in the end, and no explanation for Cheshareck’s behavior was given. His next court date is July 9.

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