Special needs student sexually assaulted in classroom at HISD school, parents say

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HOUSTON – The parents of a child with special needs said that their daughter was sexually assaulted by a classmate at school.

The victim’s family said that they were not notified by Holland Middle School administrators about the alleged abuse until five days after the incident.

The victim’s father told KPRC that he knew something was wrong with his daughter Wednesday when she came home from school.

“We know her and we know when something was wrong," he said.

The family said their 12-year-old was withdrawn and quiet throughout the coming days. On Monday, the family said that they were notified by administrators that they needed to come to a meeting.

The couple said they were told that another student sexually assaulted their daughter underneath a table in the special education classroom.

“The two teachers didn’t even see it, it was a student who saw it and reported," said the victim’s father. "To me, if a sexual assault occurs or even if there is an allegation of one, you immediately notify the parents."

The couple said that their daughter was too scared to report the abuse. The couple said that they filed a police report and the boy was suspended, but they said that more needs to be done.

“I want to see these two teachers who was in this classroom, I want to see them fired. I don’t think they deserve to supervising special needs children," the victim's father said.

The Houston Independent School District acknowledged that the allegations are being investigated.

The district issued this statement to KPRC:

"HISD is aware of an alleged incident that occurred between two students at Holland Middle School. The allegation is under investigation by HISD Police. Appropriate action has been taken per the Student Code of Conduct."

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