Father of Pakistani foreign-exchange student killed in Santa Fe calls on President Trump for change

SANTA FE, Texas – The father of the foreign-exchange student who was killed in the shooting at Sante Fe High School has urged President Donald Trump to take action.

Abdul Aziz Sheikh's 17-year old daughter went to America, and the city of Sante Fe, to experience life as a foreign-exchange student.

On Tuesday, Sabika Sheih's body was brought back to her home in Pakistan in a coffin.

Her family was notified on Friday that Sabika was one of the 10 killed at the hands of a gunman inside of Sante Fe High School. Abdul Aziz Sheikh now has a strong message for the president.

“I would like to say to the Trump Administration, kindly stop this type of incident," Sheikh said.

Sheikh called on Trump to reform gun laws in the name of his daughter.

“You can make rules and law and you can amend your Constitution and change the law of guns, kindly take serious action on this." Sheikh said.

A memorial service was held for the young woman at a mosque Sunday night in Stafford. A memorial of flowers and messages for Sabika has grown outside of the high school.

Eight thousand miles away, her family is preparing for her funeral Wednesday.

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