Workers file lawsuit after suffering injuries in Pasadena plant explosion

PASADENA, Texas – Some of the 21 workers injured after a chemical plant caught on fire Saturday morning in Pasadena are suing Kuraray America.

Tuesday morning attorney Muhammad Aziz said 11 victims were sub-contractors with Turner Industries and were on scaffolds when the fire happened.

“Our clients were on scaffolding and some of them fell off, or got stuck on it, some of them have burns, one of my clients she got burns on her hands and also suffered a significant fall about 15-20 feet from the scaffold," explained Aziz.

“All we heard was a loud noise and then you felt the heat coming towards your back,” explained Wendy St. Surin who was injured. “I was actually lucky, I would say be the grace of God.”

St. Surin said her co-worker was severely burned.

“The heat was so intense we, I had to crawl,” explained St. Surin. “I jumped from one scaffold to another to get to the railing.”