Santa Fe HS student Christian Garcia killed in shooting

CROSBY, Texas – Hugs were needed Monday night at Crosby Church in Crosby.

It’s the home church of a Santa Fe High School student who was tragically killed in the mass shooting while trying to save others.

Christian “Riley” Garcia practically grew up at Crosby Church. The pastor, Keenan Smith, said he baptized Riley and watched the 15-year-old grow physically and through his faith. Smith said the freshman was a good kid who loved to serve the Lord.

Smith said Riley’s family is experiencing unimaginable grief but that it is finding comfort in knowing that Riley dedicated his life to Jesus.

“(On) Thursday night, he (Riley) and his mother was reading the Bible together and they had both read Scripture together,” said the pastor. “She wept and said they didn’t get as far as they wanted to and, of course, Friday, he went to sleep. So he was that kind of a young man.”

Smith shared a photo with KPRC of Riley, taken last week, in which he is leaning on the wood frame of the door for his future room in the home his family was building. On the frame, Riley had written the verse for Psalms 46:10. Smith said Riley wanted his home to be blessed.

Church members came together Monday night to pray for Riley’s family and the families of the other nine victims.