Dulles HS student with autism choked by school employee, mother says

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – The allegations are painful for a Fort Bend County mother who didn't want to be identified.

She said her 15-year-old son, classified as highly functioning on the autism spectrum, was choked by a male staff member at Dulles High School earlier this month. We spoke to her son as well.

"The man had me like this, on my arm, and began choking me," the boy said. "When he began choking me, I had his badge and when I had his badge he told me to let go of his badge and after that I let go of his badge."

The family said the incident happened after their son had an episode of frustration in a speech class and threw papers on the floor. They said that's when the staff member grabbed their son, choked him and pushed him against a wall.

The family took pictures, which show bruises around the boy's neck, and had paperwork detailing those bruises and other marks.

Fort Bend Independent School District confirmed an incident occurred and released this statement through a spokesperson:

"I'm unable to identify students or staff, but I can confirm that that an incident that occurred in a Dulles High School classroom was brought to the attention of administrators, and in accordance with our protocols, the staff member was removed so that a full investigation could be conducted. The safety of our students is the top priority and we will always take prompt and immediate action to investigate whenever concerns are brought to our attention. Following the findings of any investigation, we then take appropriate actions.

"While I cannot speak to actions taken in any personnel matter, I will add that investigations involve interviews and statements of all appropriate witnesses and notification of parties that, depending on the nature of the allegations, may include agencies such as child protective services."

The boy's mother said she wants further action.

"Someone who would brutalize a child like that, he don't need to be in the education field," she said. "He needs to be terminated."

The boy's mother said she is considering taking legal action against the staff member.

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