Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences analyst fired for failing to analyze evidence


HOUSTON – A Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences analyst has been fired after failing to completely analyze evidence from two drug cases.

The crime laboratory identified two marijuana cases, each less than four ounces, where the analyst recorded results without completely analyzing the evidence.

Officials said after recording positive results, the analyst did not examine the material under the microscope.

The Texas Forensic Science Commission and the Harris County District Attorney's Office have been notified of the violation.

The lab said it will reprocess previous marijuana cases tested by the same analyst.

"The public expects an extraordinary level of integrity and quality from the Institute," Roger Kahn, Ph.D., HCIFS Crime Laboratory Director, said. "We have a zero-tolerance policy for dishonesty. We acted swiftly to remove the employee and to ensure strict adherence to procedures by our laboratory analysts."