'Reckless is my middle name': Man accused of driving 128 mph on Katy Freeway feeder road

HOUSTON – In the Facebook video, mellow music can be heard in the background.

The video indicates perfect conditions for a Sunday drive.

But the Harris County Precinct 5 Constable says the drive quickly turned into a flash when the driver hit speeds of nearly 130 mph on the feeder road near I-10 and Dairy Ashford in west Houston last weekend.


"Recording it's pretty stupid and posting it is even worse," says driver Gayle Fritz. "I mean, what else can you say about it?"

Investigators say the person who posted the video not only recorded his speedometer at close to 130 but added captions including "Hitting 140 mph with one hand," "danger is my middle name," "#infiniti," and "#q60s."  

When a Channel 2 crew went to the suspect's house, we spotted an Infiniti Q60 outside and were able to speak to 24-year-old Sean Yi.

"I don't want to say anything," Yi told us after a brief conversation outside his front door. "Speak to my lawyer. Thanks, bye."

This is exactly where deputies were able to track down Yi after the posting, arrest him, and charge him with reckless driving.

"There's a responsibility here," says driver Gayle Fritz. "You can't be going that fast on the feeder road. I mean, even on the freeway. That's just crazy."

We spoke to Yi's lawyer, who told us they were unable to comment until they were able to view evidence.

"Reckless is my middle name. Driving 128 mph down the Katy Freeway Access road isn’t safe or smart. Recording this dangerous act on your phone while driving and posting it on Facebook is even worse," officials said in a Facebook post.

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