Opossum with a problem: Local animal group rescues animal, her babies

(Houston SPCA's Wildlife Center of Texas)
(Houston SPCA's Wildlife Center of Texas)

HOUSTON – An opossum in the Houston area found herself in a tight spot recently when she got stuck in a fence.

The Wildlife Center of Texas explained on Facebook that the opossum was stuck because her pouch full of joeys restricted her movement.

However, the Houston SPCA came to the little family’s aid and managed to free the opossum and her babies.

The opossum was brought to the Wildlife Center for rehabilitation. She and the babies will soon be released.

In its hilarious, but happy post, the nonprofit organization likened the opossum’s predicament to someone trying to put on an old pair of jeans that just don’t fit anymore.

If you’ve ever tried to fit into an old pair of jeans much to your dismay, you can probably identify with this mother...

Posted by Wildlife Center of Texas on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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