Baylor College of Medicine ranked No. 1 medical school in Texas, report says


HOUSTON – Baylor College of Medicine is ranked No. 1 for the “best medical school in Texas” and ranked No. 5 in the nation as published by U.S. News & World Report Tuesday.

The university noted in its news release that it has moved up substantially in both research and primary care compared with past years. Baylor formerly placed No. 16 among research intensive medical schools and No. 5 among primary care medical schools. The research ranking is a jump of five spots and the primary care ranking is an improvement of three spots.

The criteria for research rankings include grant funding, student scores and peer assessment. The criteria for primary care rankings also include the number of graduates entering primary care fields.

“Baylor is in good company among the top medical schools in the country considered research powerhouses,” said Dr. Paul Klotman, president, CEO and executive dean of the college. “Students attending Baylor College of Medicine can be assured they will be well-prepared and train under faculty who are experts in their fields.”

How Baylor ranks in research:

  • 1. Harvard University 
  • 2. Johns Hopkins University
  • 3. (tie) New York University and Stanford University
  • 5. University of California – San Francisco
  • 6. (tie) Mayo Clinic School of Medicine and University of Pennsylvania
  • 8. (tie) University of California – Los Angeles and Washington University
  • 10. Duke University
  • 11. (tie) Columbia University, University of Washington and Yale University
  • 14. University of Pittsburgh
  • 15. University of Michigan. 
  • 16. Baylor College of Medicine

How Baylor ranks in primary care

  • 1. University of North Carolina
  • 2. UCSF
  • 3. University of Washington
  • 4. UCLA
  • 5. Baylor, tied with Oregon Health and Science University
  • 7. University of Michigan
  • 8. University of Pennsylvania
  • 9. University of Colorado
  • 10. (tie) University of California – Davis and Washington University in St. Louis