Barbecue gelato: Where to taste this Texas-inspired treat in Houston

(SweetCup Gelato)
(SweetCup Gelato)

HOUSTON – Houston’s adventurous eaters have a new treat to try: smoky butterscotch barbecue gelato. 

The rodeo-inspired flavor is a collaboration among John and Veronica Avila and Jasmine Chida, of SweetCup Gelato. 

The flavor features tamarind barbecue sauce and smoked pecans.

SweetCup describes the taste experience in flavor layers: “this new flavor captures the smoky essence of the pecans combined with a Texas classic butterscotch leaving a lingering smoky barbecue flavor at the tip of your tongue.”

Chida is no stranger to Texas-inspired flavors. Houston gelato fans may know SweetCup for its Texan kulfi flavor, a mix of Texas pecans and flavors similar to a popular Indian dessert.

The barbecue flavor is available at both SweetCup locations. The shop’s news release notes the flavor will be available in true barbecue fashion: until it runs out. 

Have you tried the new barbecue flavor yet? What do you think of it?

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