Police conduct active shooter training at Texas City High School

TEXAS CITY, Texas – Multiple agencies trained for an active shooter situation at Texas City High School on Wednesday, as the students were on spring break.

With full gear and equipment, the SWAT team went through different exercises. In the first one, they cleared out hallways and classrooms, staying in straight lines and going into rooms in teams of three.

The second took place outside in the parking lot while they pretended an officer had been shot and was down on the ground before getting inside the school. The team worked to evacuate that officer.

The officers' first goal was to eliminate the threat by stopping the shooter and saving as many lives as possible.

They did realize the circumstances would be very different in a school full of frightened students.

“Everybody (students) is usually going to be looking at the bad guy or the bad guy is going to be running away and he’s going to try to get out of the way, so you (have) got to be able to spot him as quick as you can and neutralize him,” said Texas City police Lt. Clayton Pope.

The department’s bomb squad was also using its robots to maneuver throughout the school. It would be used in case of a suspicious device when it's too dangerous for officers in the area. The robot was equipped with cameras, an arm, speakers and a microphone to use for negotiations.

In a new technique, officers also worked with drones and flew them inside the school. They said the drones can help clear areas of the school fast.

Officers said it’s important to do training often to make sure they’re ready to protect students.