Student protesters could face suspension, local school districts say

School district will not allow demonstrations during school hours

NEEDVILLE, Texas – Needville Independent School District officials are making it clear that students are not allowed to hold demonstrations or protests during school hours.

In a statement, Superintendent Curtis Rhodes said the district is very sensitive to school violence, such as last week's deadly shooting in Parkland, Florida. Needville ISD officials say there is a "movement" attempting to stage walkouts and disruptions at Needville High School through social media and other outlets.

Needville ISD officials said if students choose to take part in a demonstration or protest, they will be suspended from school for three days and face all the consequences that come with an out-of-school suspension. 

In a statement, Rhodes said, "Respect yourself, your fellow students and the Needville Independent School District and please understand that we are here for an education and not a political protest."

Read the superintendent's statement here.

Spring ISD said students who walked out could face in-school suspension.

In the message to parents and students, Spring ISD acknowledged the national walk-out, but encouraged students to show support "in ways that won't disrupt the school day."

Here is a copy of the message:

"Like the staff and administration here, I know you feel a great deal of sympathy and solidarity with the students and teachers in Parkland, Florida. It is incredibly upsetting and we understand how many of you must be feeling upset and frustrated.

"We are aware of plans for a national walk out today but want to strongly encourage you to show your support for the students in Florida in ways that won’t disrupt the school day. Please know that we want to work with you to find productive ways to make meaningful change through other methods of support, like reaching out to lawmakers.

"It is important that you know that we must follow normal procedures today and any students who walk out of class could face an in-school suspension per our normal policies."