Hitchcock HS student threatens school after being caught cheating on test, police say

HITCHCOCK, Texas – An 18-year-old Hitchcock High School student was charged with making a terroristic threat after he was caught cheating on a test, according to police.

Trevion Oryan McFadden told a teacher that he was going to turn Hitchcock High School into another Florida after he was caught cheating on an exam on Friday, police said.

Hitchcock Police Department Chief John Hamm said McFadden is a recent transfer from the Dickinson Independent School District.

McFadden made the threat in front of other students, police said.

Authorities are pushing to have the charge upgraded to a felony because the threat caused "fear of an imminent" act.

McFadden was arrested Monday at the high school as his parents were meeting with administrators, Hamm said.