Local candidate's campaign ad draws criticism

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HOUSTON – A congressional candidate's campaign ad is striking a nerve with some, maybe because it was first seen just 24 hours after the Florida high school shooting that left 17 dead Wednesday.

The ad features Kathaleen Wall posing with a rifle and then firing it.

Wall's ad is getting mixed reviews.

The ad talks about the Republican being soft spoken but not soft on Second Amendment rights.

Some are calling the timing of the ad "tone-deaf."

One person tweeted:

"After the horrific school shooting in Florida today do you think that you could possibly cancel the tasteless ad featuring you aiming a firearm?"

WATCH: Kathaleen Wall for Congress campaign advertisement

Photo does not have a caption

On Facebook, someone posted:

"I support the 2nd amendment but in light of the recent tragedy I find your ad with you firing a gun troubling and bad taste. I am a Republican."

A Rice University political science professor said Wall can bounce back from the mis-timed ad.

"While this ad will certainly hurt Kathaleen Wall with general election voters, that election doesn't occur until November. Among Republican primary voters, it's unlikely to hurt her all that much," professor Mark Jones said.

The ad has appeared on Houston airwaves, including cable channels.

It is not running on Channel 2.

Wall's spokesman issued the following statement on the matter:

"First, we are incredibly saddened at the scenes in Parkland Florida. What happened there on Wednesday is both a tragedy and a frustrating reminder that Americans must unite to improve mental health outcomes, recognize and act on warning signs for those in difficulty, and engage in productive debate on how to put heinous events like this to an end. For Kathaleen's part, she has been a responsible gun owner for many decades, and will remain a strong advocate for Americans Second Amendment Rights under the Constitution."