Man charged with robbing, handcuffing, stabbing employees at Denver Harbor store


HOUSTON – A man was charged with aggravated robbery after authorities said he robbed a cellphone store, stabbed an employee and ran from police.

On Feb. 15 around 1:45 p.m., Houston police officers said Emilio Parker robbed a phone store near Lyons and Majestic in the Denver Harbor neighborhood of northeast Houston.

When officers arrived, they said Parker, who was armed, was exiting the store with his face concealed.

When officers gave him commands to show his hands and get on the ground, Parker ran, according to police. He was taken into custody after a brief chase, police said.

Houston police said Parker beat and handcuffed one of the female employees.

Parker also stabbed a male employee, police said.

Both employees sustained serious injuries, according to police.

Police said Parker injured the employees after he had already robbed the store.