Former NFL players help rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey

HOUSTON – Home After Harvey is a project that's been under construction for nearly a week.

Rebuilding Together Houston plans to rebuild 300 homes over the next three or four years to help people out in the Independence Heights Neighborhood, and former NFL players chipped in to help.

Friday morning, more than 150 volunteers were out making progress on homes damaged by Harvey.

While most of the houses primarily had roof damage, organizers said the heavy rain from the storm seeped in through some roofs, causing the homes to flood from the top down.

"(Our volunteers are using) new skills: drywalling, installing installation, taping and floating, which is an art if you've ever tried that, all of those kind skills that come in to play," said Dan King, Rebuilding Together Houston's chief operating officer. 

The efforts Friday are part of the NFL-sanctioned Super Bowl event called Kickoff to Rebuild 2018.

This is the 23rd year the NFL has partnered with Rebuilding Together, and seven former NFL players, including former Houston Oilers QB Dan Pastorini, were there to get to work. In 2017, volunteers helped repair 17 homes in this neighborhood, but this year takes on a whole new meaning when you factor in Hurricane Harvey.

"I came here to Texas and I stayed here for a reason, and that's because of the people," Pastorini said. "Texans are always the first ones to reach out and help someone, especially Houstonians, and I'm proud that I've stayed here for some 40 years now."

Because these efforts will take a few years to fully complete, Rebuilding Together is asking for more volunteers.

No experience needed, just click HERE to sign up.