Kashmere High School holds ribbon-cutting ceremony after $19M renovation complete

It was a big celebration at Kashmere High School as students, staff, parents and elected school officials held a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

A band kicked off the ceremony to celebrate the completion of the $19 million in renovations.

School officials said the high school, which houses more than 700 students, received renovations to its courtyard, which is now enclosed; a brand new cafeteria with a lounge area; a new front office; and science labs.

PHOTOS: Kashmere High School grand opening

The school principal said these renovations have made a huge difference.

"We don't want a negative place to walk into that is damp everything was cold and dreary and that feeling transfers to how they feel about learning and the teachers too," said Kashmere H.S. Principal Nancy Blackwell.

Students love it, too.

"My favorite part is science labs because they are a more open space, and we could start doing experiments and there are faucets, so it's pretty cool," said student Hera'emperatrize Gipson.

Kashmere is among 40 schools across the district being renovated or rebuilt as part of the 2012 bond program. About two dozen schools are still under construction.

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