Houston bar owner paints 'KARMA' on parking lot ground after feud with neighbors

HOUSTON – After years of bitter fighting between Robinhood Condos residents and the owner of the bar next door, both sides are claiming victory.

Bar Bleu owner Adam Kliebert will close his doors after selling the land to another developer.

But before he left, he painted “KARMA” and “HAHAHAHA” on his driveway and roof in large red letters.

“Karma is a b****,” Kliebert wrote on Facebook, after posting pictures of his artwork. “After seven years of torment from these sub-humans who live in this disgustingly hideous building, I can finally say ‘what comes around, goes around.’”

WATCH: Karma being painted on parking lot

Kliebert and his neighbors fought over noise for years. Robinhood Condos residents called the police, who issued Kliebert many citations.

In 2011, Kliebert sued his neighbors, claiming some of them threw eggs and other garbage at him and his guests.

Finally, Kliebert folded. But he made sure his neighbors got a raw deal.

“I recently sold the land that the club sat on to a real estate developer who will build a 20-story high rise,” Kliebert wrote on Facebook, “which will ultimately block of the views (of the Houston skyline).”

Neighbors told KPRC they will miss their view of the skyline. But they will not miss the music or the “neighbor from hell.”