Man with Social Security tattoo on forehead wanted by Houston police after numerous robberies

HOUSTON – A Houston man with a remarkably distinctive tattoo is wanted in connection with several aggravated robberies on the city's northside.

"They're calling this guy 'Social Security' because he actually has his Social Security (number) tattooed across his forehead," veteran Houston police investigator, Frank Heenan, said.

PHOTOS: Robert Wooten wanted by Houston police

In fact, Robert Wooten, 40, has several tattoos, another appears to indicate his area code.

The numbers "713" appear prominently on his neck.

Wooten is a career criminal who is connected to at least a half-dozen recent armed robberies at the following Houston addresses, according to the Houston Police Department:

  • 1807 W. 43rd - Valero (10/15/17)
  • 5906 N. Shepherd - Bayou Pawn (12/29/17)
  • 906 E. Tidwell - Family Dollar (12/30/17)
  • 6438 W. Little York - Metro PCS (12/29/17)
  • 6486 W. Little York - Walgreen's (12/25/17)

A man identified by police in surveillance video as Wooten shows him with a gun to the back of a pawn shop clerk.