Bitter cold temperatures stun Houston

HOUSTON – Water bubbled up out of the ground at Westpark Drive at West Houston Center in west Houston Wednesday morning.  

It was not an issue until the temperatures dropped and the water froze, which made the road slick. That was what happened on Genoa Red Bluff.  

A safety feature on a sprinkler system froze and popped off and left a slick spot where a pickup flipped on its side.  

Houston police kept other drivers from hitting the ice and sliding off of the road.  

People stopped at the water wall at the First Baptist Church, right off of Katy Freeway.  

Some of the water froze as it fell down the wall, hiding the letters of the church sign under its coat of ice.  

Leonard Cisneros came out of the church to snap a photo.  

"I saw it about 6:30 in the morning when I came in. I stopped to take pictures. They came out OK.  It's better now that the sun's out," he said. 

The warm, bright sun was a welcome sight for people working outside.  

For those in downtown, the direct sunlight was hard to see. That meant everyone bundled up in its shadow.  

"I never stay warm because I'm not from here, so I'm not used to the cold. I'm suffering," said Erica Rol, who was all covered up.