Where is the money? Red Cross financials show nearly $230M of financial relief distributed

HOUSTON – As 2017 draws to a close, Channel 2 Investigates decided to examine the latest Harvey financials of the Red Cross.

The organization’s December 2017 report shows a total of nearly $500 million raised in Harvey relief. The agency also adds that 99.5 percent of the $229 million designated for immediate relief, the well documented $400 checks, has been distributed.

Yet some like Dean Kroeger said the Red Cross never had anyone follow up to view his damage after he appealed twice to the agency for the damage he sustained, “The rain came and it ripped a hole in my roof and I lost my entire garage.”

The concern one former high-ranking official expressed to Channel 2 News is that there is no true form of oversight or case management to ensure the right people are receiving relief dollars.

Bob Stark had 36 inches of water in his home, yet he was denied by the Red Cross. He shared with Channel 2 Investigates that he simply hopes the organization uses the money left over in the Harvey fund appropriately moving forward, “At this point I would like to see people that still need the money get the money.”

The Red Cross financial report also shows $165 million remaining for the long-term recovery.

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