The Alvin Advertiser ad: 'Merry Christmas from Walmart. Save money. Screw people over.'

ALVIN, Texas – Alvin residents may have picked up a copy of the Alvin Advertiser Wednesday looking for a Christmas bargain.

Cances are, they probably didn't catch an advertisement on page 12, a page dedicated to advertisements. Its Walmart ad says "Merry Christmas from Walmart. Save money. Screw people over."

The top of page 12 says, "Merry Christmas from your neighborhood businesses. These shops and services around town send their warmest holiday wishes to you and yours. Remember, shopping locally keeps our town's economy strong - so stop in today!"

The Alvin Advertiser is sorry and its publisher is owning up to it.

"This is the industry when you mess up everyone sees it. First thing you have to do is apologize and then fix it," said David Rupkalvos, publisher and editor of the Alvin Sun and Advertiser. 

"Simple mistake, really. We had a composition lady who built ads who was looking for a Walmart logo for a Christmas ad, went to Google and frankly never read it. It looks like a Walmart logo and so that's what happened," he said.

We checked the online edition on the paper's website, and sure enough, the ad was there.

The paper says it has "total market coverage for the Alvin-Manvel area."

The viewer said they picked up a hard copy of the paper as well.