Woman in Snapchat shooting video pleads guilty, sentenced to 5 years

HOUSTON – A woman convicted of indiscriminately firing guns around Houston in a Snapchat video was sentenced Tuesday morning.

Sierra Tarbutton, 27, pleaded guilty to deadly conduct and criminal mischief charges and was sentenced to five years behind bars.

She stood before the judge in court alongside her attorney, Clay Conrad, with an ankle monitor strapped to her leg.

She gave "Yes" and "No" answers to the judge's questions. She also admitted to prior harassment and retaliation charges.

Tarbutton admitted to shooting a semi-automatic weapon out of a car window as she and co-defendant, Michael Cuellar drove down Memorial Drive and Highway 6 back in September.

Tarbutton, along with Cuellar, posted a video to Snapchat shooting those weapons out of the car, dubbing them the Snapchat shooters.

The judge granted her request to spend the holidays with her family so she doesn't have to turn herself in to authorities until Jan. 2.

The judge warned her, however, that if she does not come in, the deal is off the table and they will come looking for her.

VIDEO: Tarbutton pleads guilty in court

Tarbutton was already serving six years deferred adjudication for harassing a police officer and threatening an officer’s children in 2015.

Tarbutton was placed on probation in September 2016.

VIDEO: Tarbutton makes first court appearance

Michael Anthony Cuellar, 29, is also charged with deadly conduct for the same incident.

The pair were seen in the Snapchat video firing multiple rounds in west Houston back in September.

VIDEO: Cuellar turns himself in

"We take dangerous conduct, reckless conduct, deadly conduct seriously and when you're foolish enough to put it on social media, I assure you that the police department, the sheriff's department and all of our public safety department are constantly looking at social media looking for these fools," Houston police chief Art Acevedo said in October.

Acevedo said the homicide and Westside tactical units along with the Harris County Sheriff's Office worked together.

VIDEO: Pair shoots guns from cars in Snapchat videos

"Thanks to some really good police work we were able to identify a suspect," said Acevedo.

Police thanked KPRC2's Jonathan Martinez for turning in the shell casings he found around nearby businesses.