Tracking FEMA approval rates by Zip code across Houston area

HOUSTON – It's hard to pinpoint who needs help the most after Hurricane Harvey. But new numbers shared with KPRC2 show in some hard hit areas more than half of storm victims who applied for help from FEMA were denied.

The Episcopal Health Foundation took data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to show a ZIP code by ZIP code breakdown of which areas were filing the most applications for help.

File: Top 20 ZIP codes for FEMA Assistance - Episcopal Health Foundation

Rivaling Harvey's destruction was the public's desire to help. Tens of millions of dollars in donations poured in for flood victims.

“You need to couple damage with need," said Elena Marks, president and CEO of the Episcopal Health Foundation.

Marks’ organization put together a detailed map showing which ZIP codes have the highest numbers of FEMA applications. Marks said the purpose is to help people better target their donations.

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