Soldier returns to surprise siblings, home damaged by Harvey

ALVIN, Texas – For 20-year-old Army Pvt. Brenden Gordon, it was a homecoming nearly a year in the making.

On Friday, he surprised his younger twin brothers at school.

Not long after that stunt, he surprised his sister in the middle of her day.

"It was awesome seeing them and having them sprint across the classroom and jump in my arms it's awesome," Gordon said.

"The boys worship and idolize their soldier brother, so it was very emotional," Cheramy Gordon, Brenden's mother, said.

The reunion was filled with tears of joy.

A lot changed since Gordon left for the Army about a year ago.

The family's home was heavily damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

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"It was kind of mind-boggling. We've been here for as long as I can remember. Coming in, going through my room, and I can't even recognize it anymore," Brenden said.

"We had about 4 feet of water in our home and lost everything pretty much everything," Cheramy said.

With the family's home practically gutted, they're now staying in a travel tour bus in their front yard.

They may not have a Christmas tree to decorate this holiday season, but still they say they're blessed to all be together.

"It's amazing to have him home even if it's just for 10 days," Cheramy said.

Brenden heads out again in about a week.

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