Cancer survivor graduates with masters degree from University of Houston

HOUSTON – University of Houston student Courtney Wright's a true inspiration.

She said it took everything in her to go to her classes at the university after Hurricane Harvey. On Friday, that will power paid off.

It's an accomplishment that almost didn't happen for Wright.

“We’re still looking for a place to live. So right now we’re still homeless.”

The 28-year-old is graduating from UH with a masters degree in counseling, but just months ago, while living in northeast Houston, Hurricane Harvey destroyed all of her belongings and home. 

"We lost our cars, our house and to make matters worse, after our cars flooded someone came and stole them,” Wright said.

She was able to save at least one of her expensive textbooks for school.

"It did get wet, but I kept it,” Wright said.

Even before Harvey, Wright was a fighter. She survived leukemia as a teenager.

Wright said her family inspired her to keep going.

“They gave me strength to keep on going. Even whenever I wanted to quit especially after the hurricane,” she said.

“I told her you came too far. you’re almost there. This happened in august and you’re gonna graduate in December. You can’t stop,” Wright's mother said. 

And she didn't stop.

On Friday, she received her diploma -- stronger than ever.

Wright said she now wants to work with minority youth, cancer patients or cancer survivors