Woman steals Christmas wreath from Tomball home's door

Security video records the theft

TOMBALL, Texas – Surveillance clips of thieves taking off with packages are commonplace during the holiday season, but video of another heist shows the prized possession to be Christmas wreaths, including one swiped from a neighborhood in Tomball, neighbors confirmed Wednesday.

"I was very, very disappointed," said Hope Morrison, who noticed her wreath was missing Wednesday morning.

Surveillance video recorded the theft in progress.

"This morning as I was going out to the dentist, I noticed that my wreath was not on the door," Morrison said.

A neighbor reported a stolen wreath as well, according to Morrison, who lives in the Lakewood Grove subdivision, near the intersection of North Eldridge Parkway and Spring Cypress Road.

WATCH: Surveillance video of wreath theft

"It means something to me, of course, the wreath, but the person who took it should be accounted for," Morrison said.

Morrison filed a report with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office, which is investigating the case.

Morrison hopes the person recorded by her home surveillance is caught soon.

"There's packages probably missing out there. Who knows what," she said.