SpaceCom features NASA innovations in downtown Houston

HOUSTON – Among the spaceships, space suits and rockets on display at “SpaceCom” at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston, you could find a Houston company with down-to-earth applications.

"Everywhere that you have ice,” said Hadi Ghasemi.

He is the CEO of Surfullent.

It is a type of deicer that creators said works on everything from cars to utility lines to the wings of aircraft and spacecraft.

"Icing is a big problem in the power transmission systems. It can lead to the collapse of towers, fires," Ghasemi said.

Arturo Machuca, the general manager of the Ellington Airport and Houston Spaceport said in the future we will see spacecraft in Houston land and take off just like a jet.

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"What we have today is an initiative that is attracting small, mid-size and large companies to Houston. They are looking at us to develop business," Machuca said.

Even if you’re not an astronaut, you experience the effects of space exploration daily.

"Every one of us has a cell phone. Or virtually every one of us. These objects do not work if you don't have satellites to enable them. Every app that you do have when you're traveling is a result in large part to a satellite," Executive Director of SpaceCom James Causey said.

With several major tests planned for 2018, the world of commercial space exploration opens up as SpaceCom put it on display.