Oil spews from Missouri City well, causes foul smell for residents

MISSOURI CITY, Texas – An oil well blowout in Missouri City that had residents worried Wednesday night was brought under control Thursday morning.

The blowout, which is is an uncontrollable release of oil, was reported in the vicinity of Texas Parkway and the Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road, city officials said.

A worker told KPRC 2 that a crew was drilling for oil when it began to spew.

The Houston Fire Department assisted in the efforts to contain the well.

The odor impacted area communities, but is not considered dangerous, officials said. 

Residents were asked to remain inside until the odor dissipated.

The strong smell stayed in the area for several hours, but was mostly cleared out by early Thursday morning.

It is unclear what caused the well to malfunction.


Neighbors who live in Olympia Estates, which is about two to three miles south of the oil well, said the smell was strong.

"As soon as I drove down Lake Olympia Parkway, I was going like this, because I couldn't tolerate the smell," said Aimee Nobles who covered her nose with her scarf. "I had to leave and go to my mother-in-laws house because I couldn't tolerate the smell. I was like I hope when I come back, it's gone."

She described it as a rotten eggs odor while another neighbor said he thought he was smelling propane.

"I was smelling like gas smells," said Philip Chorath who lives in Olympia Estates.

He said he called his cousin who lives down the street and left his house.

"He told me it was like a gas smell and he got babies and stuff like that, so he just left from the house," Chorath said.

The company listed in front of the oil well property is First Solid Energy Group Lp.

KPRC Channel 2 News reached out to the company for a statement, but has not heard back.