Restaurant Report Card: Slime found in nightlife hot spots' ice machines

HOUSTON – We talk about it every week in the Restaurant Report Card: the greasy grossness of slime in the ice machine.

When you find it, it’s definitely not good because it can contaminate the ice that’s about to go into your drink and it could make you sick.

Speaking of slime, Houston restaurant inspectors found it, this time at The Onion Creek Coffee House Bar And Lounge on White Oak Boulevard.

Inspectors reported finding green slime in the ice machine.

Specifically they say it was found on the ice chute, where the ice is dispensed into the ice bin below.

Inspectors also found mold on the interior walls of the machine.

More slime was discovered at Saint Danes Sports Bar And Grille at 502 Elgin.

In this case, health inspectors found yellow slime in the ice maker.

The Health Department’s orders to the restaurant: Maintain that machine.

Moving on, we find ourselves at Taqueria Brenda’s at 3766 Gessner, where the health department found two problems.

No. 1, inspectors found food not stored at safe temperatures.

They found chicharron, carnitas, chicken and beef all stored above 41 degrees.

That is too warm and all of that food was condemned and thrown away.

What was the second problem there?

Food temps also were the problem at Timmy Chan’s at 9550 Bissonnet.

Here, health inspectors discovered chicken stored at 45 degrees in the walk-in cooler.

That chicken was deemed “not safe for human consumption” and all of it was ordered thrown away.