How to report sexual harassment

HOUSTON – Several high-profile sexual harassment scandals have not only helped expand the national conversation on the topic, they are also helping to change the narrative by putting corporate America’s training policies on prevention in the hot seat, posing the question: Are companies doing enough to educate their employees on the gray areas of inappropriate behavior?

Sexual harassment is against the law.

A person who wants to report sexual harassment should:

  • Lodge their complaint with an immediate supervisor or human resources manager.
  • Think about confiding in a co-worker. That person could be considered an advocate for you and may be allowed to present at any meetings on the subject with a representative from your company.
  • Know your rights. Consider reaching out to an employment attorney who specializes in harassment cases so they can answer any legal questions you might have on the issue and the law.
  • Contact the state or a federal agency such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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