Houston woman accused of mailing explosive devices to governor, former president

Julia Poff pleaded not guilty to charges during detention hearing

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HOUSTON – A Houston-area woman has been indicted on federal charges of mailing explosive devices to Gov. Greg Abbott, former President Barack Obama and former Social Security Administration Commissioner Carolyn Colvin.

Court documents read the devices were mailed in October 2016, but the indictment was not returned until November of this year.

Julia Poff, 46, is named in a six-count indictment accusing her of mailing "injurious articles," "transportation of explosives with intent to kill and injure," "Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program fraud" and "false declaration in bankruptcy."

File: Julia Poff court documents

VIEW: Julia Poff court documents

During a Nov. 16 detention hearing, Poff pleaded not guilty to the charges. Through a public records request, Channel 2 Investigates obtained a copy of an audio recording of that hearing.

During the hearing, a member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force based out of Bryan, Texas, testified to many of the circumstances regarding the yearlong investigation.

The investigator described an 8x7x2-inch package was mailed to the governor's mansion. The investigator testified there was a smaller box inside the larger box containing smokeless powder typically used for the reloading of ammunition, pyrotechnic powder used in fireworks and a hobby fuse. The investigator also testified there was a small plastic cap filled with a type of "lead shot" found in shotgun shells used for hunting.